The Talented Mr. Montano

I guess you're living under an internet rock if you haven't read the blog on DJ Montano. In a nutshell, it's an ongoing real-life drama on how Brian, an HIV+ Australian, is blogging his heart out to get back USD 70,000.00 from DJ Montano, a Filipino who supposedly duped Brian of the amount, having him believe of a business to be put in the Philippines. He mentioned as well that DJ is a member of the Gucci Gang, whose members include Celine(?) Lopez and Tim Yap.

I admire Brian's guts to use the might of the pen (err, keyboard) into getting DJ to pay back his money. I envy the guy more for the amount of money he'll be getting from all those hits in his Google-Ads.
Well Brian, for all it's worth, I hope you get back that money.

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