Vista Blues

"Gusto mo ng bagong (office) laptop?", my boss called.

I looked like a surprised kid on Christmas morning when I saw a fresh delivery of laptops to my boss' office last Friday which were part of a delivery for this year's budget.

"Oo naman!" I said while picking up one of the laptop bags. It contained an HP with 2GB RAM and 140GB harddisk, running on the latest Windows Vista equipped with a finger scanner. This was waaay cool since I saw my Mom buy a similar laptop with the same fingerprint technology.

So I spent half of last Saturday and the whole of today (Monday) in setting-up the laptop and transferring files from my old laptop.

Then, happiness turned to dismay.

I was able to install Outlook 97 but it was damn slow. Error-prompts kept appearing. Then, AFTER I transfered all my files I realized that the Office programs and Norton Antivirus were all trial-versions only. To add further, there was a confirmed incompatibility from Microsoft on Windows Vista Home Edition working with office-networks: the two simply don't work together.

With a heavy heart, I then decided to migrate back my files to my old laptop (running in Win2000) and give the new laptop to AC, my staff, who incidentally was the guy I picked to sign the ownership form. I heard the other guys who got the same laptop will request for a downgrade to the WinXP version to make it work with the office LAN, but I won't bother anymore. I think I'll stick with this old laptop of mine which still works perfectly.


Romeo said...

nyehehehe.... bat kasi Vista Home lang gamit nyo =P
... dapat Vista Business yata o premium =D

your company should have a corporate license ng Windows XP... para palitan nyo ang mga naka-install na Vista

yung laptop ko sa bahay uses Vista Ultimate... ganda sana... kaso... it sucks! =P nyehehehehe

my ms office & norton are all latest version na rin... lahat galing sa torrent hehehehe

Anonymous said...

bat Vista gamit nyo mga tol for your OS? it really consumes a lot of resources. Vista SUCKS!!!
solution to your problem is install XP and tune it up. :) you'll see your apps running fast...