US Trip 2008 (Conclusion)

We arrived in Manila last Saturday 6am. Outside temperature was at 26 degrees Celsius, warmly indicating that we were not in the United States anymore.

THAT three-week vacation in the US was really needed, since the last time I had a long break from work was from January to December of 2002 when I bummed-out in Manila waiting for my next contract work to be realized. It was enjoyable to have the missus and my boy go around North Hills, Reno, San Francisco, and Las Vegas, touring around to see the sights and eating the food.

We might go back there again but not in the next 2 or 3 years. Ipon muna uli ng pamasahe and let my boy grow up a little so that he can appreciate Disneyland more. I highly recommend those capable of spending their time and money to see the US. You'll see for yourself why so many people around the world want to migrate there, the land of milk and honey.

It can be tempting to migrate there, but for now, the missus and I are still decided on staying put here in Manila. For nothing beats driving at 7am in the morning with the missus and my boy in tow to our favorite tapsilog store for a pair of tapsi-takeouts for breakfast.

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