Fabulous Finds: Cafe Ysabel

"Soooo san tayo kakaen?" the missus asked.

"Basta ako bahala." I replied.

It was our 4th year wedding anniversary last Thursday. I was running out of excuses that day since the missus was 99% certain that I was taking her to Cafe Ysabel. When she guessed it, I just gave out a hard laugh and said, "Mali! So stop guessing until we're there sa kakainan naten."

Of course, I knew that she was 100% right but to keep her in suspense, I had to keep her guessing.

The trip from the office to Cafe Ysabel in P. Guevarra Street in San Juan was not far. So when we parked up front the resto, I had to reveal to the missus that she was right after all. Well, I still get credit for the good acting skill of telling her she was wrong earlier that day.

Inside Cafe Ysabel, the setup looked purposely old which was somehow the theme. The waiters were well-versed with the menu which was a good sign.

So, we proceeded to order. But then two chef-trainees walked to our table presenting a complementary appetizer, with one of the ladies seemed nervously describing their latest food project. Surprisingly, the lady was Ms. Judy Ann Santos.

"It's part of their apprenticeship, sir." the waiter said.

Well, it's good to know that the Asian Cuisine Cooking school downstairs of the restaurant is doing a good job to Ms. Judy Ann for the appetizer she gave us was quite ok.

So on with our orders.

We started with the Bilbao Style Chorizo with Roasted Peppers and Balsamic Glaze which was quite nice. Then, Lobster Crustacean Bisque for our soup (great as well).

For the main course, the missus ordered Chateaubriand which tasted like beef tenderloin with fettucini while I got the Halibut Amandine which is a Chilean fish neatly topped with finely slivered almonds and leek sauce. Since I was going to eat fish and it was anyway our anniversary, I took the liberty of ordering a glass of the house's white wine.

The missus wanted as well so to match her beef, she ordered red wine.

I just have to say that the Halibut Amandine is heavenly delicious, especially when followed by a sip of white wine. RAPSA!

The Chateaubriand was well, ok lang naman.

For dessert, we ordered Crepes Ysabel which was the house's version of crepe. I found it to be ok as well.

Dining at Cafe Ysabel is an amazing experience all by itself. A laid-back setting coupled with good food, I highly recommend it.

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