Removal of "Funny UST Scandal" Virus

I have a knack for fixing computers since I was in high school. I couldn't say elementary since PC XTs and ATs were only presented in our classrooms when we were in high school. I found it exhilirating helping my Mom whenever she had computer problems at her school. I was particularly interested in PC virus removal, much like Ray Stanz and Dr. Egon Spengler of the Ghostbusters. Yup, I saw how the PC virus evolved from the simple (C) Brain to the Possessed virus and now....

...the UST scandal virus.

Since my Mom and youngest sis were hogging their new 42" LCD tv, I borrowed my sister's ASUS laptop to show my boy his new CD: a lethal compilation of 21 in 1 Sesame Street VCDs, all for the measly price of 40 pesos my middle sister bought from Divi.

So anyway, the laptop finished booting up when I saw this "XP Antivirus" detecting supposed trojans and viruses on her laptop. The software won't delete until I register to have it removed. Luckily, I searched Google first for "XP antivirus" and found that it was a rogue ware which is described in more detail here.

So, I concluded that it was another case of virus infection due to unknowingly downloading installation files or it could've been transfered from another thumbdrive. I was able to delete the XP Antivirus and next I decided to install a good copy of Kaspersky AV.

To my dismay, I found it difficult to install it. For some reason, the laptop WON'T LET ME. Even regedit, or running the task manager won't run. "An intelligent one ey!" I thought of the virus.

I had to bring her laptop home to do further checking. After an hour or so of trying to look for solutions in the 'net (which the virus closes as well everytime I open Panda security or any similar page ---grabe, ang talino!), I decided to use my laptop to search since the virus in the infected laptop was continually closing the browser window.

I chanced upon this website.

After a few ticks here and there which lasted for about 5 minutes, the virus was gone. I was able to install Kaspersky and another infected laptop was disinfected.

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