That Beautiful Machine

We were all set up to go to KL for the 4 day weekend a few days back. The car I rented was a NAZA RIA, a local version of the Kia Carnival. This should be enough space for 5 adults, 2 kids and 1 infant to go around KL and Genting Highlands.

The day we arrived, the car-renter said that the guy who rented the RIA has not returned. He proposed to rent me another car which he thinks would easily fit the same amount of people.

Enter THE #2 SUV of my dreams (#1 being the BMW X5): the Nissan MURANO.

In my 3 1/2 years working in Malaysia, I've always had a crush on the Murano. I see it often: at the traffic intersection, the highways, the parking lots. I've even had this feeling that this car was following me, sort of enchanting me to buy one and ride on it. But it was a hefty (hefty!) price tag that kept us apart. Eventually, I had to let my dream of riding one go.

Fast forward to last Saturday, seeing the Murano cruising towards me in front of the Petronas Twin Towers was nothing short of a magical reunion. It was the right time and place for us to meet again, this time with me on the driver's seat.

My moment with the Murano lasted only for 48 hours but I was able to drive it on one of the best roads in the world. I drove it to Sunway and even as far as Genting Highlands, averaging speeds of 60 to 110 kmh, it was an invigorating feeling having to drive that beautiful machine.

The dream of owning a Murano (or an X5 for that matter) will forever be a dream for me. But those 2 days driving a Murano, it's going to last me quite a while.

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