Fabulous Finds: Chef's Bistro

The missus and I've been wanting to try Chef's Bistro ever since we saw it a few months back just off Tomas Morato. Last Saturday evening, we were already going for Chinese but then decided to give Chef's Bistro a try since anyway, the missus hasn't failed yet in trying out the places to dine.

When you enter the place, you'll find yourself looking up to appreciate the works of art hanging above the walls.

They have a brief menu going thru the usual courses. The missus a.k.a. "pumpkin soup connoisseur" ordered the usual soup and I had the seafood chowder. Both tasted great.

For the main course, I ordered the salmon. I was quite disappointed since the white wine was only on a per bottle basis. So the usual seafood dish that I order was accompanied by Coke Light that night. The salmon tasted well especially with the green pistacchio sauce.

The missus ordered the porkloin which tasted good as well.

Owa, my mom-in-law, got the Bistro Red Pasta, a hefty serving I might add.

Desserts listed are all crepes so the missus ordered butter and sugar, the same crepe she orders at Cafe Breton.

In summary, Chef's Bistro serves great food with average price. A fabulous find, indeed.

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