When Life Hands You A Lemon

I must say, you can tell a person from what he does when life hands him a lemon. Well, I've yet to prove that in other people but towards myself, I think I can.

Life has handed me another lemon today. How did I deal with it? At first, I found myself sadly looking at it with disdain. I was just plain sad at the very instant it came to me. I could've received an apple, an orange, but a lemon?!?! FML.

This is why I love the missus so much. I told her about the lemon and, as always, she would help me look at it in a different way. We ended our phone conversation laughing about it but with the thought that I should take note of the things to work on so as not to receive a lemon of the similar sort in the future. She gives me perspective, especially on lemons.

Anyone care for lemonade?

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