My sis and I were already inside the Patron area at around 7:20pm, just right for the 8pm once-in-a-lifetime gig. The steel partition between VIP and Patron was about 4 meters from where we were standing but in between that 4 meters was a sea of people who've made an earlier arrival than us. Well, at least we get to hear everything in stereo instead of just sitting outside the concert venue.

8:00pm. The video screen on the stage flashed a big yellow "10:00" on blue background and started counting down. THIS would have to be THE longest 10-minutes of my life. As every minute ticked down, the crowd would uncontrollably express their excitement that it was near, shouting and hoo-ing out loud.

And then, it was zero hour. THE moment all 60,000 of us were all waiting for. The Eraserheads reunion had begun. Below was the 1st (and last) set of that Ultraelectromagneticnight:

  1. Alapaap
  2. Ligaya
  3. Sembreak
  4. Hey Jay
  5. Harana
  6. Fruitcake
  7. Toyang
  8. Kamasutra
  9. Kailan
  10. Wag kang matakot
  11. Kaliwete
  12. With a Smile
  13. Shake Your Head
  14. Wag mo nang Itanong
  15. Lightyears Away

To Ely, Marcus, Raymund, and Buddy, we hope to see you again on one big stage such as that of 08.30.2008 and hopefully, share us the rest of your wonderful (wonderful!) music.

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