LHM's New Look

Well I hope you like the new look of LHM. I wanted to utilize the wasted space of my old template by changing from 2 columns to a 3-column blog template.

Here are the new add-ins that you'll see to the right of this blog space:

1. Live Traffic Feed which gives me a clearer picture of where LHM visitors are coming from

2. The Bloglist has been updated to the new Blogger add-in wherein the latest post is listed and shows when it was last updated

3. News. You'll get updated news concerning the Philippines, NBA, EPL (English Premiere League), Dow Jones (stock market news), and Hollywood ---all of which are quite of interest to me. Do let me know if you have particular news keywords that you want added into the list.

Well that's about it at the moment. I'll search the 'net for more add-ins that would be appealing for me to put in this blog. Feel free to click around, especially on the Google Ads, hehehe. ;-)

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