Weight Loss(?) Update

The reason for the question-mark on my blog-title literally questions my 2009 goal. The reading on our digital scale wasn't encouraging after I stepped onto it this morning: 177 lbs. When I started blogging my goal a few weeks back, I was at 176.4lbs. After a weekend of basketball and threadmills, I went down to 174lbs. I thought I was on the road to recovery back then but, sigh, here I am again.

The root-cause of the sudden relapse, I assume, would be the cold (cold!) mornings the entire week last week which caused me not to exercise at all. I only managed to get enough motivation yesterday morning when I walked around the neighborhood at about 7am for 30mins. The missus discouraged me from doing this type of workout again since she learned that there's a possibility of being kidnapped and asked for ransom. Haaay.

The missus said she heard in the evening news that the cold nights last week might be the last of it since temperatures are starting to rise again. I hope this encourages me to return to my loyal threadmill and jog off this excess weight every morning.

So, here I go again...

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