The Biggest Loser

My quest to reach the coveted 152lbs weight (ideal BMI equivalent for my height) has taken a new level. EG, my good friend working in Japan, proposed our little gang of college batchmates to shave the pounds off with a bet.

The guy who looses the most weight by April will receive an original NBA jersey of his choice, with his name stitched at the back...


...an original pair of Zoom Kobe IV Carpe Diem limited edition basketball shoes! All courtesy of EG.

BUT (yes, there's always a but), if EG wins, we all treat him and his family to an eat-all-u-can at Jollibee when he arrives from Japan this April.

Wow. Talk about coincidence, I just blogged about the Zoom Kobe IV a few days back and now here's an opportunity to get my hands, err feet, on them, for FREE!


Well, just to give an update. I'm now at 174.8lbs based on my digital scale's reading this morning. So far I've lost 1.6lbs. Ang hirap kase umiwas sa pagkain.


But I'm still keeping my hopes up. April is still almost 2 months away. That's still enough time for me to go down to the 152 magic number.

Let's see.

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