Apps That I Recommend

Here's a brief list of Win Apps that I've downloaded and used whether at home or at work. I hope you find these apps very useful as how I've found them to be for me.

1. utorrent. A compact-sized torrent-client that packs a big punch. What I like about it is its simplicity, with special options to auto-shutdown your PC/laptop if the downloads are complete, saving you time (and electricity).

2. KeepPass Password Safe. A nifty app for storing all your passwords/PINs and other delicate information.

3. LviewPro. I'm talking about the 1.D/32 older version since it uses only small memory space. This app is excellent for capturing screens for JPG/GIF use.

4. Super MP3 Editor. The ChicoDel MP3s that I download from the chicodel website is rather long. So, to go straight to the top10 laughs, I use this app to cut/delete unwanted portions of the mp3 for easier listening. This is also a handy tool for creating your own mp3 ringtones.

5. Google Chrome. I bet IE will be reformatted to imitate Chrome, similar to what it did with Firefox previously. Chrome is a good browser although some pages (like Blogger's layout page) load incompletely.

6. Allway Sync. If you have those portable hard-drives, this app is a good tool to use when you want to backup important office/home files just in case your PC breaks down.

7. CCProxy. A must, especially when the IT department cuts off your own internet access. You just load this app to your officemates computer, set his IP as your browser's proxy address, and, voila! You have Internet again!

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