Biggest Loser Update

Every Monday the 5 "contenders" in our Biggest Loser contest is required to email the group their current weight. Seeing that PT had lost almost 2kg since Feb2 made me wonder if I could still win it at my current pace. Add to that the binging I do come Saturdays and Sundays since all that delicious home-cooked food and dinner-outs come into play.

This week, as usual, we all sent our kg-weights and EG, the author of this little contest, sent the spreadsheet to show the progress:

Surprisingly, PT has relapsed from his 1.66kg initial cumulative loss and is now dead last. RT is leading the pack with a cumulative 2.57kg loss since Feb2. Since the contest ends Apr20, I think I still have enough time to chase RT and win that precious (precious!) Zoom Kobe IV. I just have to kick my programme several notches (I'm currently looking into joining those 5KM fun-runs).

Let's see!

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