Running for Sharks

"Huy ano?! Sumali ka na!"

That was LA, my officemate who convinced me to join the Condura Run at the Fort scheduled earlier this morning. He's been joining fun runs(I wonder how they call it "fun" when it isn't ---unless you compare it to a half-marathon or marathon I guess) for sometime now but he doesn't look like it, thanks to endless drinking sessions with his buddies.
I've only joined a fun run once: a 5km run during Grade 5 or 6, I think. I don't even recall why I joined the thing but I remember at the last 1 or 2km stretch, I was already out of breath. It was a really difficult 1st-time run and, that was that. I haven't joined another fun run ever since.
It was last Monday when I thought, "Since I've been on and off the treadmill these past 2+ years, maybe I should give it (fun run) a shot? I've been running 3-4kms on the treadmill anyway so I think I could be conditioned for a 5k?"

The Condura Run registration deadline was on March20 (Friday) so I really had to give it enough thought if I'm really ready for this. It's not to win the race but my target was just to finish it at a respectable time.
Tuesday night. On the way home, I planned out a running course in our neighborhood. Since the car had an odometer, I reset TRIP A to 0-km and plotted out my running course: a total of 1.5km. So, if I were to run 5kms, I would have to run the course at least 3.5 times.

Thursday morning, 6:23am. It was a good time to sleep. Mind over matter, I woke up and tied my running shoes on and ran the course I made the other day. It was rather challenging to run the course since I had to avoid cars pass by (in inches) close to me. Another were the dogs at one of the streets which forced me to walk. I walked most of the time after 3-4kms.
The time? 40mins.
MP, another officemate who runs, posted 34mins on his last 5km run. So I guessed the 40mins that I recorded is respectable enough.
Until Friday morning I still haven't registered. It was already the last day to register. It was now or never. With the Condura Run registration form tacked on my office cubicle staring me at the face as if teasing me, I finally made my decision.
Friday, lunchtime. I proceeded to Nike Boni High Street for registratio. Paid the P300.00 fee and got my race-kit and t-shirt (nice, btw, but not for running). The race would start at 6am.
My cellphone alarmed at 5am, Sunday morning so I got up and made myself ready. Kissed the missus goodbye and proceeded to the refrigerator downstairs to get my banana which I bought after taking-out KFC for dinner Saturday night. A glass of water from the water dispenser and I was off to the Fort.
I walked to the starting line at about 5:40am. It was very crowded with all sorts of runners: newbies, amateurs, and pros. The latter have started running at 5:30am since they had to run 21kms (a half-marathon). By 5:50am the 10k runners (LA included) started and, by 6am, the 5km run began. It was the first time I saw soooo many ipod users in one small area.

I would've been mistaken for a Nike model since, by coincidence, I wore a cap, watch, shirt, shorts, and shoes showing the swoosh logo. Save, of course, for the Jansport beltbag that I had to wear since it contained my car keys, and cellphone which I've programmed to add my running songlist aptly entitled "Run!":

1. Enter Sandman - Metallica
2. Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Jet
3. Born To Be Wild - Steppenwolf
4. Insomnia - Craig David
5. Jump - Van Halen
6. Pretty Vegas - INXS
7. Seek and Destroy - Metallica
8. Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns and Roses

I was afraid that wearing earphones might cause it to fall out every now and then so I used the missus' headphones to be sure.

I kept my jogging pace up to 2.5kms, overtaking most of the pack. I knew my exact distance since I stopped at the water station (stationed every 2.5kms). The road started its uphill climb after that. Like I car running in 4th gear reaching the bottom of a mountain, I switched to 1st, i.e. walked until I had passed Market2x.
It was then jog/walk/jog/walk/jog after that. The finish line was a bright sight to see, and, as I passed it, I clicked "STOP" on my watch-timer and recorded my unofficial time: 33mins, 29secs.

It was a great feat for me since my treadmill runs usually last 34mins for 4kms only. So the Condura Run I recorded was a personal first-time best.

So here I am, with my lower calf muscles aching from the race, looking at this website: the Men's Health Miracle 10km Run next Sunday. It's a major step from this morning's run so I think I will have to give this more thought.

Hmmmmmm, I wonder if I lost weight? We'll find out tomorrow morning. :)

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