I have to admit, I'm addicted to running nowadays. I often wake up just about 6am every morning thinking if I should get up and lace on my shoes and run, whether on the treadmill or on the road. The reasons why I won't run is either Lucas is already awake or if I ran the previous day.

The missus has picked up running as well. Last week she bought a pair of Adidas shoes and started walking against the news of Jennylyn who had a freak post-pregnancy accident while working. Undaunted, the missus has proceeded in inviting me to try the UP Ikot route in Diliman. Owa, my mom-in-law, joined too.

Since then I've gone to UP Ikot on 3 occassions. The missus is well on the road to (sports) recovery as she has walked 1.5x around the circuit, with Owa covering a round of the route as well. My driver btw, ran around the oval 4 times (wow!).

This morning, my 3rd time, I went there again with my officemate BE in preparation for next Saturday's Slimmerun race. I was able to go around the oval twice on a good non-stop jogging pace and then walked/ran/walked the 3rd time. Btw, the oval measured EXACTLY 2.2kms as proven by our car's odometer.

Tomorrow is a Sunday, and again, I'm thinking of running in the morning probably just around in our neighborhood.
But before tomorrow morning comes tonight's most important question: saan kaya kami kakaen? :-)

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