SlimmeRun 5K-route Practice Run

At 6:15am this morning BE (my officemate) and I set off to The Fort for a practice run of the SlimmeRun 5k route. BE bought (finally!) a pair of Adidas running shoes yesterday and he texted me if running this morning was possible. Para i-break-in yung sapatos, I thought. Initially we were supposed to run here at my neighborhood but decided that the dogs here may not be too friendly on a Monday-holiday morning.

I found a nifty website called mapmyrun.com which uses Google Maps to help find out and measure the length/elevation of whatever running-path you would like (as long as it's seen in Google Maps). I traced out the SlimmeRun-5k route and, after several repetitions, I was (a little) disappointed that the entire race-length was short of 0.33kms.
So BE and I started off our run. Actually I started about 2-3mins earlier than him since he wanted a full stretch first since he was taking care of his left knee which was injured before.

I sort of skipped the last 200 meters to the finish (took a shortcut, hehe), looked at my watch and saw that I timed at 28+ minutes. Plus the remaining 200meters, I would've finished at 30mins, well below my Condura Run time of 33mins. Well, we'll just find out on race day if I'm able to do better.

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