Considering Wordpress

I'm finding it difficult lately to fix this blog's layout since I found the current setup to be messy. Looking for aides from other bloggers has been tiresome so I've been thinking of migrating all my posts to Wordpress. I've read many blogs/articles stating that Wordpress is better than Blogger. Most of the Worpdress blogs I've visited seem to be better looking.

I think the difficult part of this migration process is the understanding of the new setup/system. Like my work, in which I migrate services from old systems to new ones, there is always that apprehension to accept new things since we're so used to what we currently have. "It works fine, so why change it?" is what we'd often say.

But I guess I've already outgrown Blogger, and it's time for a change. I'll let you guys know of the new URL of Left-Handed Mouse (if that's still the name) once I've setup everything.

To the folks at Blogger.com, thank you very much!

It's time for me to move on.

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