Kating-kati na mag-10k!

Dalawang tulog na lang, May 10 na. It’s been like forever since I registered at ROX BHS last Apr25 for the BOTAK Paa-bilisan 10k. I was able to beat the deadline since it will be an additional P50.00 if I registered beyond that date. True enough, the BOTAK booth at the Step-Up-For-A-Cause FunRun said they’re already charging P300.00/head. Buti na lang! Since then, I've been eagerly waiting for May10.

Feeling ko para akong si Pacquiao when I decided to “move up” from the 5k races to the 10k race, parang weight-class sa boxing ano? Hehe. What increased my excitement in running my first 10k is when I saw the BOTAK 10k race-route (courtesy of takbo.ph):

Man! It’s similar to the Condura 10k that my colleague, LA, ran last March 22 (it’s a memorable date since this was the first 5k funrun that I joined). We’re going up the Kalayaan Fly-over…and back!!!


I hope to make a respectable time on Sunday. Since lately my average pace in my 5-7.5km practice run is about 7mins/km, I’ll try to aim for a 1hr 10mins time. Pero kahit maka-1:30 lang ako, ok na. At least it’ll give me something to work on in the next 10k races I’ll be joining.

Btw, a weight-loss update: it was a great morning as well today when I stepped on the scale: 1-6-9 POUNDS! Yehehehes, you read that right: ONE…HUNDRED…SIXTY-NINE….POUNDS! I’ve lost 7lbs since I’ve started running regularly, coupled with the missus’ “enjoyable” oatmeal-only dinners (weekdays lang). Hehe.

BOTAK 10K, here I come!


carlo said...

good to know that you've upgraded from 5K to 10K. i had the same feeling myself before.

sooner or later, you'll be running a half-marathon in no time. :)

keep on running, and good luck! enjoy the race! :D

daytripper said...

thanks Carlo!