Goodbye Michael

I felt sadness for Lucas when I heard Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest yesterday. Lucas, by the influence of the 2 bugoys last year, had learned to idolize MJ and his songs and moves. He'd always insist on playing his favorite MJ songs in the car (imagine playing Beat It over and over again from our house to Lolo's house, grabe). He's memorized the tunes (and lyrics, although not clearly) to Beat It, Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal, Dangerous, They Don't Care About Us, and Black or White. He doesn't like Thriller ever since he saw the MTV on Youtube. Got scared with the monster make-up I guess. At Owa's smooth bedroom floor, Lucas has learned to moonwalk in his own cute way. MJ had definitely become Lucas' 1st idol.

Below is one of Lucas' favorite MJ YouTube videos (aside from the Beat It MTV):

He's too young now to realize that MJ had passed away but I'm not. Again, seeing a high profile celebrity die had made me wonder again on my life, on how I'm living it now, and on how will I be able to face death when the time comes. I hope I'll be ready to answer to my Maker when that day comes.

Life is short so I have to continue striving to live it right.

Btw, my all-time favorite MJ song is Billie Jean in case you want to know.

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