Are You F*cking Kidding Me?

The missus and I have been discussing lately Facebook and how it has entered into our everyday lives. It has enabled us to get updated with our friends & relatives as to how they are doing at a certain moment ---provided that they update their status. How their kids are, what's he/she doing at the moment, where they are, what movie did they watch, etc. etc.

But when is it too much? Surely, I don't need to know if a friend is about to eat breakfast, or lunch, or dinner. I don't need to know or care if he's about to sleep, or if he just woke up and got online, or offline.

Further, I don't need to know if you're aching to have a gf or bf. Or how mad you are at the world right now because it rained. Some things are just too personal to write on Facebook with all your friends, relatives, and officemates reading.

That's why the blog was invented. So that you can shell out your angst and disgust out there in the Internet wilderness, where no one THAT YOU KNOW needs to be informed.

To end, here's Kate Miller-Heidke with the Facebook song. Hilarious!

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elyss said...

like it or not, but that's wat facebuk is for! Freedom to broadcast the tiniest mst irelevant info to every1 in ur network!