My 2010 Resolutions

A few items I've come up with to improve on for 2010. Hopefully, I'll try to abide by them in the next 12 months:

1. Spend only on your needs, not wants.

2. Save more particularly on stocks, bonds and other passive-income generating (trusted) investments.

3. Be more strict at work. Project an image more suitable for a Senior Manager

4. Be patient and understanding with the kids at home and with your boss(es) at work

5. Don't overeat. Stop when you're near full.

6. Drive defensively, not aggresively

7. Blog here more often

8. Continue running. Run a full-marathon this year at least once (or twice? [grin]). But get that left-knee checked before doing so.

9. Assert yourself more at work

10. Pray more

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