Greenhills still amazes me. Just a kilometer or so away from my office, I go there from time to time whenever I get the chance on my lunch break. Le Ching is always my destination there for food. Simple, fairly-priced, and oh-soooo delicious, the pork-spareribs rice toppings are to die for.

But the real reason why people go there is the tiangge shopping. Should Divisoria be inaccessible, Greenhills is a great alternative venue for bargain-shopping.

Foreigners and balik-bayans have been going there in throngs lately, buying their replica big-name clothes, bags, watches, and what-have-you for their pasalubong or personal use when they go back in their home country. No need for them to ask for a cheaper price since the marked price is already cheaper for their dollars. This is good news for the stall-owner, as always. I guess you can agree that Greenhills should be marked as THE must-see destination in the Philippines for every tourist who loves shopping and bargains.

Locals as well thrive the place for buying and trading-in their cellphones (they've even got Blackberry there now). Such is the importante of Greenhills to telecom operators that the indoor-cellsite layout there is planned carefully so that would-be subscribers have good coverage. Competition between the big 3 telco operators are very obvious with the numerous posters/ads/banners placed strategically in the cellphone stall areas.

Just watch out for pickpockets and the like, though. But hey, I guess that's the same for similar bargain-shopping places in Thailand and Malaysia.
Oh, btw, one must try the Baker's Fair diced-hopia. It's a good dessert to ease out the spicy flavor of Leching while you go about your shopping.

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