Baby James hit by LSS

Baby James must've been bitten by LSS just like any other kid in the Philippines who has watched Villar's TV commercials. Even my eldest son Lucas has been singing "Nakakita ka na ba..." over and over again after he was able to memorize the lyrics.

You have to admire the composer. He really nailed it for Villar. I would ask my son whom he likes between Villar and Gibo, he'd said the former. Even Noynoy and Villar would result in Villar as his choice purely due to the songs. I hope the rest of the voting public doesn't make the same basis on the elections next month.

Villar is making a dangerous statement with the last line of the song ("Si Manny Villar, ang magtatapos sa ating, kahirapan"). That is nearly impossible. The only person who can lift the poor people from their state is themselves. Think about all the rags to riches stories. Basically it all boils down to the saying, "God helps those who helps themselves."

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