The kids last 2010 (Part 2 of 2)


Matteo had learned to walk early, even before his 1st birthday. This shows how physically-advanced he is. He has a kiddie basketball ring and, make no buts about it, he has a good pulse for shooting the hoop. I hope the recessive height-gene in the Gaerlan family is in Matteo's DNA coz he has a very good potential in making the UAAP or even the PBA!

He likes his morning pancit canton, macaroni, and of course his dede. His "siksik" build can make the grumpiest guy smile and make him wanna pinch Matteo's nakakagigil thighs.

He says "thank you" or "tenks!" automatically whenever you hand him his dede although the missus has always been his favorite target for "dede pleeeeease!" opportunitues. It may sound irritating, but it never fails to elicit a smile from the missus. Matteo always gets his dede one way or another.

He is a very curious guy, always looking under the cars in our garage if the neighborhood cat is there. If it is, then he picks up two small stones and aims for the poor fella. He runs back to Dad with a mischievous laugh knowing that he has disturbed once again the cat's peaceful siesta.

He idolizes his Kuya Lucas so much so that he copies everything that Lucas says. He also likes Thomas The Train much to the chagrin of Lucas since "Mr Destroyer" remodels the train tracks that Lucas has already setup. But I know that Matteo just wants to help.

His favorite shows are Umizoomi and Dora. You can help but cheer for the poor guy as he yells out to Dora and Umizoomi when they ask the kids watching the shoe a question since Matteo often answers wrongly. He always answers "blue!" with every color question and then "two!" for every number question. Yup, the missus and I have a long way to go in teaching Matteo pre-preschool.

Lastly, Matteo is very friendly. He can walk towards a stranger and make his signature wave and say "hi!" in the cutest way you can imagine. I think this guy will have a good future in politics.

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