And Then There Was Music...

After years of sitting idly in my parents' house, my acoustic guitar is back in my arms. Blame it on @GTWMpodcast sensation @johnoydanao and his superb guitar-playing that made me want to resurrect my musical career(?).

Well, after getting 4 songs from the internet (tabs and chords), I was able to strum tonight after the kids went off to bed. I was only able to do 3 out of 4 since Honestly (Acoustic version) by Harem Scarem is a killer piece. I hope to complete that song in the days to come.

The ones I believe I nailed were Collide (Howie Day), Crash Into Me (Dave Matthews Band), and Northern Sky (Nick Drake).

Whew! I guess it's like riding a bicycle again. Still, I feel a bit rusty. Maybe in time I'll get the hang of it again.

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