RealShip - Valentine's Day Cruise

When the missus and I started going out years ago, we experienced hopping onto one of those Manila Bay tour boats docked in the CCP area. For P50.00 per head, we were able to go around the bay and watched the sunset. It was one of those spur of the moment rides that we still fondly recall even today.

Fast forward to 2012, happily married and with two children, the missus and I have found a perfect and upgraded version of that tour boat, which we've made to a tradition for 3 of the past 4 Valentine's days.

Realship, with offices in the CCP docking area, came up with an ingenious way for couples to celebrate Valentine's Day. An intimate ship cruise with a 5-course meal.

This year, food was handled by Bizu, which we could say was very delicious (read: 10 HOUR ROASTED US BEEF on the main course!).

Aside from the food, the cruise is the one that sets this dinner apart. The ship sails from the CCP dock to the coastlines along Roxas blvd (near H2O Hotel) and up to MOA and back.

With a piano and violin duet, the sunset and Manila skyline as the backdrop, this Valentine's day dinner is definitely something that the missus and I will come back to every year.

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