Somewhere in Shaw...

To my delight, this morning I received Z's email containing our 2 studio-recordings ("Cumbersome" and "Name").
Not bad for a first try, especially "Name" when we had to scrap off "Home" by Dishwalla at the last minute since we found it difficult to play.

I was awed and privileged to have experienced studio-recording. It wasn't easy as I predicted. There were a lot of retakes on "Cumbersome," for example. And Z had to "copy/paste" the guitar-part on the intro of "Name" to perfect it, plus he also had to add the lead-guitar part. Need I say that Mang Mando, the studio technician at the time, was a genius with the mixer-controls.

Well, we hope to record Z's original composition when I meet up with them again. But that'll take a while.

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