Back to the beach (Day 6)

The past 6 days have breezed by without a hitch ---except for a gang of choco-mallows being obliterated from the face of the earth. I have to admit, I'm guilty of 12-counts of 1st-degree choco-mallow slaughter. They simply had no chance. They were all strip-naked, in batches of course, and suffered the most gruelling of fates. Guilty, as charged.

Yeah yeah I have a penchant for sweets, and choco-mallows seems to be "up there" on my personal list. I remember when I was still dating the missus, I would fetch her from her office at the Citibank building in Ayala. I would park the car at one of the side-streets and wait for her. Sometimes I would come early so this gave me the chance to do my covert-op. I would leave the car and walk towards PCI-Bank building were my accomplice, let's call her Mrs. Fibisco, or Fibi for short, is waiting.

She sells smuggled(?) choco-mallows and chocolate-crunchies at a cheaper price since they don't have the package-wrapping yet. But the taste is still the same (magnifique!). I think it's a dozen mallows per bag. I'd by one bag (or two) and go back to the car where I "sumptuously" wait for the missus.

Fast-forward to the present (or 30 or so pounds later). For the past 6 days I haven't eaten rice (except on one occassion when my favorite noodle-stall was closed and I was left with chicken rice for lunch). I've only eaten fried fish, sandwiches, salads, and noodles. Add to that 20mins a day (for 3 days so far) on the stationary-bike and a pitiful site of abdominal crunches (yup it was a real pitiful site, me on my back trying to reach for my knees...arrrghhh).

Actually the missus argues that the noodles I've been eating are, in fact, rice noodles (doh!). "But they don't LOOK like rice," was my contention. So I can say that I'm not eating rice, per se. (wink)

I guess my so-called diet is working coz when I tipped the scales this morning, I *seem* to have lost 4lbs. I inserted the word "seem" since our weighing scale is of the cheap-type, those that when you weigh yourself 10 times you get 10 different readings. I think the deviation for error is big, so I'm not that enthusiastic of the 4lb-loss.

Anyway I'll keep on with this, as the missus has put it, "change of lifestyle." It's a battle of the bulge, it seems, as the missus has bought one of those sauna-belts that you see on home-tv-shopping. They say it reduces your waistline without any effort whatsoever. The missus seems to believe so. After her first try, she said she lost an inch after 50-minutes on it (yeah right, and I can write this blog without the use of my hands, hehe).

The only way we'll be able to see any improvement is when I fetch her from the airport early next month. Any response similar to "Wow pumayat ka!" will do nicely. Until then, it's gonna be the Bike versus the Belt.

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