Nothing much to do today so I decided to change my blog-banner (nice ey?). I found the default header-design too dull. Anyway it has served its purpose for the past few months so it was high-time for my site to get a nose-job.

Last night I was flicking through the tv-channels hopelessly so I turned it off and grabbed my acoustic guitar from the cabinet and strummed some chords. I *may* have come up with a song but no lyrics yet (the rhythm was just being accompanied by my ridiculous humming which I think the neighbors may have heard). That's why today I surfed the 'net hoping to find an audio-mixer so I'd be able to record this on mp3. And eureka, I found it (the internet is such a wonderful world of free stuff, don't you think?)! (grin)

I may have to reduce my rice-noodle intake since the scale-pointer HAS NOT MOVED from my weight last Saturday (damn it). Let me tell you that even weighing on the damn scale stark-naked didn't make it budge. So yep, you're right, it must be the food. And I've got the rice-noodles as the culprit. Take note that I'm only *reducing* the volume of those deliciously prepared pork & wanton dry mee. Mmmmm....

Sigh....this so-called diet is getting ridiculous.

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