So far the missus and I are enjoying our stay here in Bali. Checked-in at the Hard Rock Hotel (major "wow" factor for every rocker like me), I feel like I'm staying at a rock-museum. I saw guitars used and signed by Nuno Bettencourt, 7Mary3, Sting, a GNR drumset, among a few. Oh yeah, they also have an eternity of Beatles photographs which should be a standard for every rock n' roller.

It's a shame really that Bali has to suffer from the decrease of tourists since the 2 Bali bombings. It had reversed all the hard work that the Balinese had put up in order to make this place tourist-friendly. Tourism, as the missus and I agree, is a great source of income for any country. It helps the community by offering jobs and at the same time it promotes the beauty of any country ---even if the beach here is nothing compared to our very own Boracay (which I have not seen 'til now. "Ikaw na lang ata ang kilala kong di pa nakakapunta ng Boracay," was what the missus and my Mom would say).

The people here are very warm and friendly, much like the Malaysians. I've noticed that Indons and Malaysians have this custom of greeting a stranger with a nod and smile. A real smile. I wonder why we Filipinos don't do that as often as them. I guess nawalan na tayo ng tiwala sa isa't isa that we don't do it. Oh well.

Anyway, the missus and I will have a vacant period from 12pm-6pm tomorrow before flying back to KL. We have yet to think of an itinerary on which places to go. Considering that the missus has to carry Lucas around, trekking or hiking activities are a no-no (I almost enrolled us to a "learn to surf" class). So good-luck to us, or else it will be an afternoon of lugluging at the Hard-Rock pool, which I don't mind at all.

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