A Jolog's Tale

"Parang masarap uling magpakasal."

That was the missus, while watching the Raymart-Claudine wedding special last night on the 'net. The missus, who has this notion that her crush, Raymart Santiago, was stolen from her by Claudine, was teary-eyed all night while watching the program. She even noticed that Raymart and Claudine hired the same musicians (JJS) to their wedding.

"Wedding musicians to the stars," she said.

"So does it mean na star-quality din tayo? Hehe." I quirked (Apparently she didn't had the same sense of humor like the Two Damatans that visited us several weeks ago. Bentang-benta mga jokes ko sa kanila eh!).

"Ginaya pa yung bridal march song ko lav," referring to the popular Panunumpa.

The missus has this love-hate relationship with Claudine. When Rico Yan died a couple of years back, the missus was one of the thousands who cried with Claudine when she went on TV to air her despair ("Huhuhu, he said he was gonna work things out 'to Boy! Huhuhu"). It could've been worse, for we had an officemate's wife who suddenly woke up in the middle of her sleep crying her eyes out while shouting "Ricoooo! Ricoooo!"

Yup, true story. I can only imagine how the husband felt at the time.

The "hate" part came when the Raymart-Claudine love-angle came out. The missus was obviously pissed at Claudine for stealing *her* guy and lying to Rico. It's as if she swore that she would never greet Claudine if they meet in the next party. As if Claudine knows her. Really now!

Such are the problems of the typical Jolog. They are found glued to the TV set every Sunday afternoon, switching between The Buzz and S-Files, deciding on which party's tears were more believable. The next morning, they read Ricky Lo's column at the Philippine Star, who by the way, I believe and have proven, jinxes every Pinoy contestant that joins an international reality show or contest. Recognizing the characters in Ricky's blind item seems more important than checking on the front page headline. Haaay.

Lucas Elijah had the same sentiments as mine. He would be kicking hard everytime the missus watches Hiram, an old telenovela being shown here. He'd also be kicking when the missus reads entertainment news or watches The Buzz.

3 months na lang anak. Makakapanuod ka na ng Cartoon Network.


mommy-p said...

hahaha, that was really funny. Pau really takes after my mom. Kami ni trish somehow got over it. Now i hardly watch anymore, and have to resort to asking pau or mom about the latest chikka. when lucas is of age, both of you won't get much chance to watch your daytime shows. Just don't go buying pau her own TV set!

Anonymous said...

I just “forced” my husband to watch a portion of the wedding—the bridal march. While Claudine was walking down the aisle to the tune of Panunumpa and Ramyart had to wipe his tears with a hankey habang inaakbayan sya ng bestman/brother nya, my husband suddenly threw down his earplugs and said “ayoko na!”. Were those tears in his eyes???!!! Hah! I rest my case… 

--- the missus