Beauty and the Geek

The 1st episode of this show just aired on Star-world this evening. I found it interestingly funny so I might be watching this every week.

I could relate with the nerds in this series since my collegemates call our batch Tropang Norks, a cross between a nerd and a dork. I, for one, remember that my route that time was from house to school to house. The only social gatherings I went to were those soirees that the chickboys in our batch would arrange with schools like St. Scho, CHS and St. Paul Manila. Faces? Club Dredd? Mars? Nope, never been there. Yup, my college life was that exciting.

From those soirees I can remember:

1. We would actually send a scout team to assess the group of girls requesting for the soiree (Yes, you read that right. Requesting. Soirees were actually a graduation-requirement for some schools like St. Paul that they seek out all-boys schools such as ours. I can recall we had to pace the requests to avoid overlapping of schedules. Just gives more evidence to the theory that there are more women than men on the earth). Well anyway, the scout-team's job was to assess whether the ganda-to-pangit or mabait-to-mataray ratio is manageable. There was this group from St. Scho who had a spokesperson which we found to be too hard to handle. We would've continued if the 1st ratio was good but.... ;-)

2. Singing "Pare Ko" in front of a group of Paulinians with an acoustic guitar on one hand and a group of norks on the other trying desperately to sing in unison

3. Having a soiree penpal who turned out to be a non-Catholic and crumpled the stampitas that our Theology teacher asked us to give to them.

4. My 'kada BN "forced" by her not so good-looking drunk partner: she kissed him with her Reycard Duet lips. He was teary-eyed immediately after that harrowing experience.

5. My 'kada RS always having the most beautiful partner since he was the organizer.

6. On the soiree with St. Paul, a nun was actually watching us all throughout the event. She even did a 10-minute lecture on purity. Great, that will keep the soiree-ball rolling.

7. My 'kada OH making sure the girls never leave the venue without them giving him their home contact number and address which he keeps in a teeny-tiny piece of blue paper that he puts in his wallet for easier access for those who require a photocopy.

8. Having my 1st taste of gimik when after one soiree, we proceeded to Greenhills where I saw tons of teens by their cars waiting for the next super surround-sound vehicle to make its way to Goodah for some lugaw.

Ahhh yes, those were the days.

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