Z has been writing a lot of songs lately. But placing the tunes must've been an arduous task for him that he sent me one of his compos for me to work on.

So, on a Saturday afternoon, I came up with this.

Z's lyrics, as below:


the delicate hair
which covers your skin
brushed against mine
stirring me within

i caught a whiff
a scent so heavenly
as you tossed your hair
so sweet, so comely

i felt your body
as you slowly breathe
rhythmic succession
you i shared it with

something about you
which draws me near
i gravitate towards you
inevitably i fear

1 comment:

christie said...

Pakisabi kay Mr. Z na "Gutom lang yan." Hehehe. Ang chummy!!! Ever!!! Reminds of Meg Ryan in "Joe vs the Volcano" where she says her self-composed "poem" --

'The softness of his hair
The roughness of my palm.'

And then Joe (Tom Hanks) doesn't get it, asks her to repeat it, and she does! Hilarious!