Ob-Gyn Report

Here's the missus' Ob-Gyn report from last Thursday.



Within the gravid uterus is a single fetus in cephalic presentation, with good cardiac and somatic activities. It has a biparietal diameter of 91.6mm compatible with 35 weeks and 1 days, the OFD of 114mm, and a head circumference of 323.4mm.

The femoral length of 68.9mm compatible with 35 weeks and 3 days, and an abdominal circumference of 288.4mm compatible with 32 weeks and 6 days age of gestation.

There is strong and regular cardiac activity with a heart rate of 149 beats per minute. Somatic movement is appreciated. There is no gross fetal abnormalilty. The fetus appears to be a boy.

The placenta is located posterior with grade II features, and without encroachment of the internal cervical os. There is adequate amount of amniotic fluid – 1.30cm.

Estimated fetal weight – 2412 grams.
Expected date of delivery: 25 June 2006


Single live intrauterine pregnancy in cephalic presentation, with mean gestational age of 35 weeks and 4 days based on BPD, HC, FL and AC. Placenta, posterior, grade II. Normohydramnio. Sonographic estimated fetal weight appropriate for age of gestation. Good fetal well-being.


So, naintindihan mo ha?

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