Last Saturday night, I was able to buy a new pair of football shoes: a pair of Nike Mystic TFs (turf). I was apprehensive on buying the white-colored pair since the missus always comments mukhang pang-doktor whenever I hold a white basketball/football shoe when I go window shopping. But then the missus isn't here and this will be my farewell gift to myself before I leave Malaysia so I just said "Who cares?" and signaled the salesman that I'm making the purchase. I was able to break it in since I had a futsal game last night with my Chinese buddies. I didn't score a goal but the new shoes felt good compared to my old Umbros since the grip to the turf was better. Of course that goes without saying that I felt more pogi when I was wearing them.

After the game I proceeded to Pyramid for dinner. Seeing that the Chicken Buffet restaurant was full, I proceeded to Sushi King and ordered the usuals: komoro bento set, soft-shell crab temaki, and then a pair of fresh salmon and tuna-mayo maki from the kaiten. Busog as usual.

I then decided to stroll around the mall to remove whatever added calories I've eaten. My feet then brought me to a baby shop called Annaku ("my child" in Malay). I felt a different high as I was browsing thru the store ---everything was just soooo little and sooo cute! It was then that I called up the missus and asked her if Lucas still needs anything. Lucas' wardrobe so far only has white shirts so I picked up 2 blue Disney shirts that were just sooo teeny-tiny cuuuute! I've added two infant Disney socks with Mickey Mouse's face on it. Lucas will definitely look pogi (and absolutely CUUUUTE) on these.

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