End of the line for Gonuts Donuts

"Crispy na, creamy pa!" ---Andrew E

The missus asked me this morning as to how did one TV show had so many Krispy Kreme donuts catered for the hosts.

"San kaya nila nakuha yun?"

The missus always included "Krispy Kreme" whenever she mentions her trips to the US. I myself have tasted it once (or was it twice coz I had 2 helpings?) whenever Mom of Bree brings back a dozen from Cali.

Then I recalled what my sis told me last weekend over crepe: Krispy Kreme is opening here soon ---at the Fort.

This is definitely good news for all those craving for the said succulent dessert ---the missus included. This used to be available only to families of OFWs coming from the US whenever they bring pasalubong.

But not anymore.

As I told this to the missus, she gasped and her eyes opened wide like a kid on Christmas morning:

"Oh no! We have to go!!!!"

I thought that it was already open but I wanted to be sure. I browsed the 'net and came to the Krispy-Kreme Philippines website. I called up their office number and verified if the news were true.

"I'm sorry sir but the opening is moved to Nov.30."

Well, the missus and I have to wait for 14 more days before we grab a bite of those freshly-baked, creamy, yummy donuts (sprinkled with calories).

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Romeo said...

argh! it's so expensive!!!

check this out!