Pinoy ang tumapos!

Pacman was obviously the stronger and faster boxer in this fight. Even Morales "El Terrible" himself, continuously described Manny as "mucho rapido" during the post-fight interview.

After an overdose of Dyan Castillejo sticking to Manny like glue weeks (months?) before the fight, encapsulated by her anorexic-muscular look during fight-night, after all the unnecessary TV delays and commercials, and even JDC's text to me that Pacman won it (I guess he watched it in SM), I was still delighted to watch the fight on free-TV. Erik had no chance against Manny's deadly left punch (kinaliwa eh!).

This goes to show that the one who had the better training and mental preparation for the fight won. Erik's weight problem obviously affected his stamina. He seemed to be tiring as early as the end of round 1. He was wobbly on round 2. And, obviously, he was sitting at the canvass looking dazed by round 3. That pose had definitely put a "period" into his illustrious fighting career since he said that he may decide to "stay at home" from hereon.

I think Manny is at the peak of his form and should continue to earn from it (USD3,000,000 + payperview shares ---not bad for a night's work). Since it might be a while before he fights again, I suggest he contacts Mrs. Madrid, my 2nd-year college English professor. Come on, you have to admit it. His English is not as good as his boxing.

Or an alternative would be to hire an interpreter.

May I suggest Jimmy Santos.

"Holy Cow!"

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