Forbidden Questions

The missus and I often listened to Chico&Delamar's morning show when we were in Malaysia. I would download the recorded files from the 'net, burn it to an audio CD, and then we listen to it at home or in the car ---everyday.

But nowadays, their show seemed to be going downhill, especially with all those radio-idol contestants trying hard to sound like DJs in between the :30 and :00 minutes since those two slots are reserved for ChicoDel's morning top10.

Still, my interests to listen to it during my morning drive to work started to wane.

I've been hearing a lot of DJ Mo a couple of weeks back when, as the missus was watching The Buzz, the hosts of the said show seemed to be irritated by DJ Mo.

This interested me. For what could DJ Mo be doing that the likes of Boy, Kris, Cristy, and Lolit will get irritated for they are the ones irritating me every week? I need to know what's going on.

As you may know, local showbiz-talkshows are not as exciting as before when CharlieArceo ruled the Sunday afternoon TV slot when he sits in the hosting-controls and reports the latest movies to be seen ("ffffavb shtars!") or not to be seen ("whhaaahn shtar! Nya mahay nyah nyang ngayoh!"). Now THAT was entertainment.

TheBuzz and S-Files stories are too predictable and more importantly, for all terms and purposes, too stupid to digest even for the masa who I think are not that naive anymore. These 2 shows are just scratching the surface. Why are they not telling the stories that I only hear from the missus care of her inside sources?

I, for one, have been left wanting to see (or hear) something different.

Last Wednesday morning I was driving to work again. And again, those radio-idol-idiots are on my stereo. As the EDSA southbound-traffic started its perpetual crawl, I recalled that DJ Mo's show is every Wednesday morning. The show's 8-9am but it was already 8.45am but "what the hell!" I thought. It's either I listen to these radio-idiots up to Galleria or I switch channels.

I pressed "2" on my car stereo which speed-dials to 89.9.

It was Aubrey and Jacq, a team on the ongoing AR-Asia, who were the week's guests.

For those who missed it, especially the latter questions (and dares), you've missed a lot. It was definitely entertaining. I was laughing and shouting "GOOOOO!" inside my car that I hoped the car next to me didn't think I was going insane. Definitely entertaining indeed.

No wonder Boy, Kris and company got irritated. Actually, they weren't irritated. I felt that they were intimidated by the success "Forbidden Questions" is currently getting. DJ Mo's questions had definitely gone beyond the tip of the iceberg, making showbiz's secrets (and dirt) become transparent for all the world to see (btw, Lolit was also a previous guest. You can read here for snippets of that episode).

To Boy, Kris, and company, I leave you with the words of Charlie Arceo:

"Nya mahay nyah nyang ngayoh!"

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Len P. said...

i couldn't stop myself commenting on this post. i like his radio show!
lolit's interview was one of the juiciest hehe:) nasa ofc na ko di pa tapos yung interview, buti na lang meron ng radio ang nokia phone haha!