Secret Recipe

The missus noticed the "Secret Recipe" neon-sign when we were on the way to Bonifacio Drive to grab a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts. We were delighted to see that the setup of the restaurant was almost the same as that in Malaysia.

Secret Recipe was among one of the many venues the missus and I enjoyed eating at when we stayed in Malaysia. It boasted of the award winning roasted-lamb and NY-cheesecake which didn't disappoint our hungry appetites.

We finally decided to have dinner last night at Secret Recipe, located at 32nd and 5th Building at The Fort. The menu is exactly the same as how it was in Malaysia.

I ordered Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup ---it tasted exactly the same! Even the award-winning NY-cheesecake was as delicious as how we left it in Malaysia. It was soooo delicious that it bogged my memory, causing me to LEAVE BEHIND my boy's Graco stroller on the sidestreet in front of the resto. Good thing I remembered it when we were at EDSA and came back for it. The stroller was untouched, still on the sidewalk the way we left it. Hmmm....it was like in Singapore were almost nothing is stolen. Buti na laaaang!

The price is a little expensive for your average dinner but it's worth it. The missus and I will definitely come back for more.


Ella del Rosario said...

Looks inviting. Kumain ba tayo diyan during our visit to Malaysia? Siya ba yung resto na katabi ng seafood place where I had my birthday party?

daytripper said...

Yup that's the one! Yung cheesecake-bday-cake mo dyan galing. :)

The seafud place is called Manhattan Fish Market btw.