In preparation for my boy's 1st birthday party this June, the missus and I needed to meet up with the caterer to conduct food-tasting. We skipped lunch last Saturday for this event which only started at 3pm ---needless to say na nanginginig na ako sa gutom when we got the whole thing started.

Since dessert was not included in the taste-test, the missus and I needed to pacify our tastebuds with something sweet. We ended up at Magnolia's Parfaits and Splits.

The place isn't as fancy-looking as the Nestle Factory across the street. But it was enough for me to reminisce that one time when I was boy that I went to the Magnolia Ice Cream Factory at The Quad, sipping on a thick serving of Choco Milkshake ---minus the brain-freeze.

The missus ordered a Goin' Banana Parfait while I opted for the Original Banana Split.


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