Fabulous Finds: Amici Di Don Bosco

(Since the missus and I are into discovering great food in and out of the metro, I'll be posting Fabulous Finds from time to time, giving you my view on where to go to enjoy good food)

The missus and I were salivating for Italian food since last Thursday night after watching the Jamie Oliver Show. He was cooking this pasta dish which made the missus squirm with delight on wanting to have pasta there and then. I have just finished playing basketball that night and having watched the show myself, my stomach (or was it bulate?) that started jumping with excitement on the possibility that the missus and I would scurry off to Tomas Morato to look for an open Italian resto at that late hour.

Sadly, it wasn't meant to be.

Fast forward to tonight, we dropped our boy to my parents' house in Paranaque. As usual, the missus and I were wondering where we'd have our dinner with matching "mmmm" comments. As I was turning to SLEX from EDSA, I remembered this Italian place in Don Bosco Makati that has been recommended by two people: my sis and my officemate JD: Amici Di Don Bosco.

I have to say that the food, pasta and pizza, is quite good. The place is a no-frills canteen-like setup wherein food is ordered on the counter ---which is consistently how the Salesians run their school canteens since I'm a true-blue Bosconian myself. But you'll not notice it once your mouth gets hold of the food. The price is very cheap vs other bigtime pizza/pasta restos like CPK, DonHen, PizzaHut Bistro, etc. but the food.....damn.....the food is very good.

Here's a clickthecity.com clipcast of Amici Di Don Bosco which I found on my sis' blog.

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