Balik Busko

It's January. As a student sometime ago this would be the month we'd prepare for the feast-day of Don Bosco's death anniversary which is every Jan.31. FYI, he actually died in the year 1888.

When I was in DB-Makati we had the school-fair filled with carnival rides, food-booths, and fun-booths. Naah, I wasn't that guy who'd get handcuffed with the pretty girl and sent to the marriage booth. I was one of those who'd be manhandled by over-eager CAT cadets being shoved into the jail booth. Sigh, not a pretty picture.

Well, anyway, the banner for the DB-Makati alumni homecoming just came up on my email:

Hmmm, I'm surprised to see Fr. John Bosco riding a space-car though. I think the car was too much. The "bring home the boys, bring home a car!" slogan is still in the tradition of DB-Makati's endless fascination with raffle tickets and bingo nights.
I wonder how DB-Mandaluyong's banner will look like?

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