Passion: So Sick (Acoustic)

(Note: I originally wanted to blog about that infamous YouTube video of Mariel Rodriguez's bad-mouthing fit in PBB but what the hey, everybody knows about it anyway. And besides, the song below is more worth it to post)

I was on the threadmill this morning on my second 4km run since yesterday (naks serious!). I tuned to 89.1DMZ for my sounds since it's been playing mostly RnB. Yes, rock would've been better but for some reason I get a better workout from RnB.

So anyway the DJ suddenly played this song from Jeremy, a.k.a. Passion who's a Fil-Am based in San Francisco. It's a cover version of "So Sick" but unplugged.

Damn good! Listen to it by clicking the Play button below. Enjoy!

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