Fabulous Finds: Old Swiss Inn

The missus and I just had dinner at the Old Swiss Inn Makati which is located at the Somerset Residences next to the Atrium building. The ambience was quite quaint, with the waiters wearing chaleko(?) and hat to try to fit to the Swiss feel.

For starters we ordered the Goulash Soup which was peppery good! Kung pwede nga yun na lang orderin ko plus a cup of plain rice, ok na! Hehe.

For the main course, the missus ordered Zurich Geschnetzeltes (can you say that 3 times?) while I ordered the Darne of Salmon since I had pork for breakfast and lunch earlier.

The Zurich was very good while the salmon was so-so. Maybe IF we come back, we'll try the fondue that the missus encouraged me to try.

Ok-ok lang.

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