Day 6&7 - Reno, Nevada

Reno is a small town in Nevada where we went to visit the missus' cousin who's a doctor married to a nurse (quite comforting to know that while staying in their place, just in case).

The house is soooooooooooo beautiful that it could've have been taken from those interior design magazines. American style, it boasts of fine furnishings amidst its butter-yellow walls.

The village is surrounded by snow-capped mountains although the place itself has only small packets of ice left from the winter.

I just love this house's interior design. Kudos to Dr.M and Nurse M for having such a wonderful home!

We won't go out tonight since the missus is still recovering from a light flu. We're going to have In n' Out Burger for dinner which Dr.M boasts of being THE best burger he's ever tasted ----better than McDo or Jollibee.

Tomorrow, we take a trip to Lake Tahoe where my boy will definitely see lots of ice and snow. I hope (and pray) he's done with the jetlag and sleeps early tonight.

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