Random Notes: LA Day5

M writng dis frm my fon via wifi so pardon d txt shortcuts.

We spent d day at Universal Studios, a must 4 any1 who's into Hollywud. D studio tour was gr8, taking us 2 d set of movies/tv-shows such as Jaws, Psycho, Desperate Housewyvs, and even Heroes!

My boy liked d amusement park as wel since he was able 2 meet Shrek, Spongebob, and Dora. He got real scared though of d Waterworld show so he & d misus had 2 go out early.

It was 42nate dat C.A., d misus' frend frm Glendale, was wid us 2 show us around dat day. D misus & i wer able 2 go 2 d main atractns:

1. Hous of horors (teribly scary. A walk thru horor xperiens)

2. Terminator 3d (as d hostes has said, 'SUPER!')

3. Jurasic Park boat ryd (got slytly wet)

4. The Mummy Ride (a speed ryd w/c d misus lykd so much she rode it 4 times! I did it 2x only)

We had dinner at Tony Roma's (yummeh ribs!) and kofi at Starbucks wherein my boy liked d choco cookie. Even by d folowng mrng he finishd d cookie dat we brought home.

Nex stop: Reno.

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