Day11-13 San Francisco

Thanks to Lola Da's prescription of cheese-flavored popcorn, my boy was calm and relaxed throughout the flight from/to San Francisco. The weather when we arrived was somewhat cold as in LA but was more windy.

We stayed at the downtown area wherein we met a variety of nationalities: a Vietnamese taxi driver and quite a number of Filipinos working there.

Notable food was that of Tod's Steakhouse wherein we had a sumptuous dinner of the household steak specialty.

The famous cable car was there as well, which seems to have carved a niche in San Francisco. It will cost you $5 for a one-day pass so that you can tour the downtown area via cable car.

We opted to take the 3-hour Gray-line bus tour which took us around the city:

1. Fisherman's Wharf (although we weren't able to eat the invitingly creamy clam chowder)

2. Twin Peaks (we had a good vantage view of the whole city)

3. victorian houses

4. Golden Gate Park (my boy absolutely loved this one)

5. Gold Gate bridge (of course; we had a good view of Alcatraz from here as well)

I can describe SF as an Americanized version of Singapore (due to the numerous people walking about to their destination which, btw, accounted for almost zero obese people that I saw during our stay) and Philippines (due to a lot of beggars).

If I were still single and wanted to work in the US, then SF would be my city.

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