Random Notes: L.A. Trip Day2

We went to Six Flags theme park today. It was extra cold today with my hands freezing while pushing my boy's stroller from the parking to the entrance. The missus was still with her sandal gear so she managed to get all of the freezing weather especially when we road the Batman rollercoaster ride.

My boy rode the merry-go-round ---twice. In both instances he shouted "ride the horse" when we were going towards it, cried "AYAW NA" when we were in. Then cried "ride the horse again" when we walked away from it.

The rollercoaster was slightly different cause it's just open seats with your feet dangling. The ride, although lasting a little over 10 seconds, was an exciting chest-pounding experience. My only fault was that I closed my eyes too often. The missus said that I shouldn't so that I can see and anticipate the next turn so as not to scare me more.

I can finally say that I've eaten at Chuckee Cheese. I've heard so much about it in US-film dialogues that I didn't exactly know what it was until today. My boy definitely enjoyed it, screaming and crying "DRIVE!" everytime I had to pull him away from a car arcade game.

I was able to experience home-security the wrong way. Feeling that the room was warm, I slid open the glass window which triggered the house-alarm. Next thing I knew my sis-in-law ran from her room to the garage to disable the alarm. Then the phone rang. It was the home-security company checking if everything was alright. WHEW! At least we knew that the alarm was working (grin).

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