Random Notes: L.A. Day 3&4

Day 3

It was my first time to drive ---in California. The directions to the Northridge Mall was quite easy: left, left, right, then straight all the way until you see the mall. It was easy although I think I overexaggerated at stopping at the intersection. It's required you make a full stop at an intersection if there's no traffic light. I think I stopped for 5 seconds too long each time (grin).

The missus had the usual chinese food combo while I ventured on mongolian bbq. There was no rice for the mongolian, only noodles that looked like spaghetti noodles. Needless to say I didn't finish much of my $8 meal.

I was able to buy my two NBA T-shirts: one Arenas and one Kobe. The shirts are cool since the logos and names were all rubberized. Pwede panlakad or panlaro. Kahit sa porma man lang, panalo. Hehe.

My boy liked the playground mall so much that it was the 1st time we saw him take the slide. It was funny to watch that we recorded a video (to be uploaded soon on my boy's blog).

In the evening we needed to check-in at Tropicana Hotel which was in front of Disney Anaheim so that we can maximize our one day there easily. Along the way we stopped at Denny's for dinner. The hamburger was huge (as any other food served here). I ordered a choco milkshake, which, without A doubt, was THE best choco milkshake I've ever ever ever (ever!) had.

Day 4

It was not as cold in Anaheim as it was in North Hills. But still, it was chilly. It was a cold walk from the hotel to the Disney park which actually had 2 parks: California and Disneyland. California had more wild rides while Disney was, well, everything Disney.

I liked the motto that the missus read on Disneyland: Where you meet old friends for the very first time. Yup it was truly a wonderful experience for me to meet Mickey & Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Pinocchio, Winnie The Pooh, Eor, and Tigger for the first time when the only times I've met them was through the TV. Hmm, I didn't catch Donald Duck though. Maybe he flew south? Grin.

My boy loved it too. He liked Winnie The Pooh that he smiles cheerfully whenever I show him our pic with the famous Pooh. Although Barney was not around though coz I think he's (she's?) under another label.

We rode a lot of the rides as well:

1. Star Tours (Star Wars theme wherein you ride a simulator flying to the planet Enron. Yup, I know the bugoys would've loved this one. There was even a Jedi Training School.)
2. Pirates of the Caribbean (the missus says this has been updated to include Capt. Jack Sparrow. Quite dark, scary at first, but not so much after the first drop. Wink)
3. Haunted Mansion (I laughed when I heard the guy managing the queue when he said in a kind classy voice, "Please! Move inside a little further. Others are just "dying" to join us!")

4. Winnie The Pooh (well, my boy didn't like dark places, "Ayaw naaaaa")

5. Space Mountain (Cool ride. You SHOULD NOT miss this ride if you're in Disney Anaheim)

6. Buzz Lightyear (the ride was great since it included shoot em 'up wherein you zap Buzz's enemies and the score is updated on your dashboard)

7. Peter Pan

8. Disney train (a train that goes around the park complete with underpasses showing different times like prehistoric, the Canyon, etc)

Good thing the missus mentioned about the end-day parade. It was exciting to wait along the sidewalk among the other visitors to wait for the parade. It was fortunate that we found a nice open spot wherein we got a good view. Unfortunately my boy was slept through it, only waking up crying to see the Alice in Wonderland scary flowers in front of him. Well, at least he got a chance to see Simba on the Lion King float.

The day was capped with a dinner at IHOP (Intl House Of Pancakes). This was what the missus had been craving for sooo long ever since we thought of vacationing in California. She ordered the Colorado Omelette which came with 3 buttermilk pancakes. When the omelette arrived, it seemed to be good for 3 people. She finished half of it and just barely finished 1 of 3 pancakes. I tasted the pancake to see what the hype was really all about. Since they're called Int'l House Of Pancakes, I expected something good. It tasted nowhere close to Pancake House's X-factor pancake. Oh well, at least I ordered the Chicken Crepe which was quite nice.

I think all this food writing made me want to go back to Denny's. Maybe tomorrow since today is Ash Wednesday.

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